61st Street Parking Area - Dells of the Wisconsin River

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61st Street Parking Area - Dells of the Wisconsin River

61st Street Parking Area - Dells of the Wisconsin River is located on the West side of the Wisconsin River, North of Wisconsin Dells and is also part of Dells of the Wisconsin River State Natural Area. It is the best maintained but probably the least attended parking lot. It’s set in the rolling terrain behind some small farms and most wouldn’t even think to venture back to this hidden gem. There is a good sized paved parking lot with a large restroom building, information kiosk, an overlook of the river with a deck and sitting benches with a small mowed path creating a trail. The coolest feature of this part of the State Natural area is an old boat launch that is now closed with a paved road that goes down to a bay of the Wisconsin River. The bay features cliffs on two sides with woods behind on a very wide section of the river that has a sandy beach. This is a picture perfect setting especially when the sky is bright blue with big fluffy clouds. Throw in a fishing line while you watch the area wildlife, jumping fish and in the warmer months observe a variety of river boats cruising the waters. This part of the Dells of the Wisconsin River requires a State Park Sticker to enter!

A plaque attached to a rock overlooking the river by a wooden bench reads: “Dells of the Wisconsin River – This area of striking geological features, natural communities, and rare plants and animals is dedicated to scientific research, the teaching of natural history, and the preservation of its wild and scenic values for future generations. Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources June 23, 1997”

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Dells of the Wisconsin River State Natural Area